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Works with most hardware and 3rd party wallets.
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Want to get into crypto?
MEW is the way to do it.

The Ethereum ecosystem has the biggest development community in all of web3.

MEW is the most trusted and battle tested Ethereum wallet.

Truly own your
crypto assets.

MEW is a self-custody wallet, which means that you hold your keys and nobody except you (not even the MEW team) can access your crypto.

Buy, store, send,
and swap tokens.

MEW supports ETH and all ERC-20 tokens!

Make your crypto make crypto.

Stake your ETH and get rewarded by the Ethereum blockchain.

32 ETH Staking

Up to 4.0% APR

No minimum liquid staking

Up to 3.6% APR

Be your own bank

Unlike big finance banks that lend your money out, in crypto, you are the bank. Earn rewards by helping keep Ethereum secure automatically.

Ethereum liquid staking

Ethereum staking

4.0% APR

Best yield option, requires 32 ETH minimum to stake.

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Based on our open-sourced blockchain explorer technology.Fast.Scalable for new ecosystems.Beautifully designed.

Based on our open-sourced blockchain explorer technology.


Scalable for new ecosystems.

Beautifully designed.

What makes MEW a good choice?

Crypto veterans since 2015

MEW is the world's first and one of the most trusted Ethereum and L2 wallets.

Secure and transparent

Independently audited in Bug Bounty program on HackenProof and, previously, HackerOne.


We don't track any personally identifiable information, account addresses, or asset balances.


You and only you are in control of your assets. Your keys, your crypto.

Hardware wallet support

We support all major hardware wallets including Ledger and Trezor in MEW web portfolio and Enkrypt.

Easy to use

Get started in minutes, no prior knowledge needed.

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of your future

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